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They Are Us!

Dear Friends,

On Friday March 15th at 140pm and 155pm there were two consecutive terror attacks at mosques in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand during Friday prayer time.  The two attacks caused the death of 50 people and varying degrees of injuries to 50 others.  … read more.

February/March Bulletin

Dear Friends,

As we move through the dark days of winter to the returning light of spring, the first and second days of February give us the opportunity to celebrate the Christian and ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc – St Brigid’s Day, or the … read more.

The Meaning Of Christmas

Dear Friends,

Well the annual Christmas Markets have started and the Christmas Tree was lit on Saturday December 1st in Old Town Square looking more lovely than ever before. The magic of Christmas is once again upon us and the Christmas Carols are blaring out … read more.

September Bulletin

September/October Bulletin

Dear Friends,

Well after a fantastic summer we are just about to settle into the Fall/Autumnal season and the beginning of a new church calendar year.  We have plenty of activities  this coming church year and September through to January is particularly busy.

In October we … read more.


Dear Friends,

When I was growing up in Ireland, there was a phrase that was used to describe Unitarians ‘those Unitarian folk are the people who believe that you come from the earth and go back to the earth!’  It was a phrase that was mostly … read more.