The International Unitarian Church of Prague and the national psychosocial charity Amelie have joined hands to host a unique fundraising event that will captivate art enthusiasts and philanthropists alike. From October 24th to 26th, the Secret Postcard Exhibition will take place in central Prague, Anenska 5, showcasing a diverse range of creative postcards submitted by both celebrities and the public.

This extraordinary charity exhibition aims to raise funds for Amelie’s invaluable work within the Czech Republic. By bringing together renowned artists, public figures, and members of the community, the event seeks to highlight the universal power of art in fostering connections and making a positive impact.

The Secret Postcard Exhibition presents an exciting opportunity for art enthusiasts to own a remarkable piece of artwork, while supporting a worthy cause. Each postcard – whether it be a captivating drawing or thought-provoking collage – will be available for purchase at a fixed price of 299kcs. In addition to the public submissions, the event proudly features an array of extraordinary postcards crafted by some of the Czech Republic’s beloved celebrities.

Joining in the event are singers Tena and Martha Elefteriadu, journalist Josef Klíma, singers Tomáš a Tamara Klusovi, musician Radek Pobořil in memoriam, and sculptor Petr Váňa.

Tena and Martha Elefteriadu

More well-known names are joining us all the time. Your designs will be seen alongside work by journalist Radko Kubíčko, conductor Lukáš Prchal, Soňa Jonášová – Founder of the Institute of Circular Economy (zakladatelka Institutu Cirkulární ekonomiky) and member of parliament ČR Pavel Bělobrádek

Joining them will be top TV presenter Saša (Alexandr) Hemala .

Saša (Alexandr) Hemala

We know the  power of creativity can truly transform lives, and hope that these postcards, alongside those of other talented individuals, will contribute to making a difference.

The postcards submitted to the exhibition will intrigue visitors, as the identities of the artists will remain a secret until the purchased postcards are turned over. As such, collectors and art enthusiasts will have the exciting opportunity of acquiring a celebrity artwork without prior knowledge of whose masterpiece they are acquiring. Each anonymous postcard will be clearly signed by the artist on the back, adding a personal touch to these exceptional pieces.

With all proceeds benefiting the outstanding work of Amelie, the Secret Postcard Exhibition welcomes both celebrities and members of the public to express their creativity and contribute to a brighter future.

You can find out more about Amelie here