Hiroshima Day

Dear Friends,
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Buddhist Meditation practice will resume this coming Saturday August 3rd at 10am,  in the Unitarian Meeting Rooms in Karlova 8, Prague 1.  This will be followed by our service at 11am, the theme of which is ‘Conscience and Compassion – in honour of Hiroshima Day 2019.’  I will be leading the service and Lukaš will be providing the music.
The service will be followed by a traditional English Cream Tea, which is a very popular summer event throughout England from June through to August.
You may well ask, why are we honouring Hiroshima Day?  We honour Hiroshima Day because the day commemorates the 6th August 1945, when an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.  Another atomic bomb was dropped a few days later on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.  Both cities were completely destroyed  These events effectively brought the 2nd World War to an end and caused Japan to surrender.  However, there were over 200,000 mostly civilian casualties from these two bombings, with many more people dying later from illness and injuries.
Every year Hiroshima Day is commemorated in the hope that such events may never happen again.  It is also a day of focus and reflection on the futility of war, violence and aggression.
‘As Wind carries our prayers for Earth and all Life, may love and respect light out way! May our hearts be filled with compassion for others and for ourselves. May peace increase on Earth.  May it begin with me.’ (Tibetan Wind Horse Prayer)
In Faith,