Month: September 2019

Reinventing Community

Dear Friends,
We had one of those totally indulgent ‘Movie Weekends’ this past weekend.  However, one movie really outshone all the others – a film called ‘Bait.’  Shot on a vintage 16mm camera, in black and white, this film told the story of a seaside village … read more.

The Sardana

French translation below

Dear Friends,

One of the most delightful sights to behold in Barcelona is the dancing of ‘The Sardana’ which takes place every Sunday outside the steps of the Cathedral from around noon.

The origins of the dance are somewhat of a mystery, however it is … read more.

Pacifists or Peace Makers?

Dear Friends,
Apologies, my weekly blog is late this week.  It’s been a rather busy week with travel and work and now more travel!
Earlier this week, I was thinking about two of the biggest influences on my life – Buddhism and Quakerism.  Buddhism – because I identify as … read more.