This week’s events

Dear Friends,
Thanks to all of you who were able to attend our ‘Hiroshima Service’ on Saturday August 3rd.  Thanks to Lukaš for his inspiring music and to Anne for her thought provoking reading about remembering the day the 2nd World War ended when she was a four year old.  A special thanks to Simon who spent most of Friday afternoon preparing and baking the scones for our traditional English Cream Tea, which we very much enjoyed after the service (the recipe is on our Facebook page).
Susan has been on a pastoral placement at All Souls Church in central Belfast this past weekend.  I/we are really looking forward to her stories about her experiences there with our Belfast congregation and with the Right Rev Chris Hudson and Dr Isabella Evangelisti.  
Jana, our Czech Ministerial Student has been on a pastoral placement in London at Kensington Unitarian Church (our former London Church) and is very excited about sharing her experiences there with the Rev Sarah Tinker + other ministerial and lay colleagues in the London area.  Simon and I met with Jana twice in London, when she was on her placement and got a real sense of how much she valued her time in London.  
This week sees two events happening with our Church Community in Prague.  On Thursday, there will be a Unitarian Happy Hour in the garden of the Globe from 5pm to 6pm in celebration of Prague Pride and to promote our church program and our inclusiveness as a Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist Church Community.  The first glass of wine or beer is on us!
On Saturday August 10th, we will be walking together on the LGBTQ+ March.  Please join us – we will gather together at 1145am and will meet together just outside the front of McDonalds at the top of Wenceslas Square (near the king on the horse statue).  We have a new banner and new leaflets and bookmarks to  let folks know who we are and what our Church Community believes/stands for.
In faith and with love,