Possible Projects?

Dear Friends,
We’ve just returned from Lille, in Northern France (the capital of the Hauts-de-France region, not far from the border with Belgium).  We usually go there  3 or 4 times a year, as its only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there via Eurostar.  Lille has lots to offer in terms of architecture, art and culture, not to mention good quality restaurants and a really friendly atmosphere.
One of the things that I deeply appreciate about Lille is the life and buzz of the International Anglican Church there.  Christ Church Lille is the only English speaking church in the city.  They not only have a weekly church program, but on Saturday mornings they run a weekly cafe called ‘The Pavement Cafe’ where they sell coffee/tea, cakes, pastries and savouries to locals and tourists passing by the church building.  Church members are responsible for setting up the street cafe, staffing it and for baking the cakes, pastries and savouries sold there.  The Pavement Cafe raises funds for the upkeep of the church buildings and for maintaining the church program run by the Board and the vicar/minister – Rev Debbie Flach.  The Cafe also promotes the work and witness of the Anglican Church there.
This got me thinking about how we Unitarians and Unitarian Universalists in Prague might promote ourselves and the work/witness of this Church Community.  We are a really creative bunch of folks and we are really good at collectively putting our energy into running successful social justice events (remember the Art Project and the Eco Spiritual events in 2018) and LGBTQ + Pride 18/19.  But how do we get our ‘Unitarian and UU witness’ out there on a more regular basis?  How do we proactively get the work, witness and ethos of Unitarianism out there?
Well running a ‘Pavement Cafe’ might not be an option, given the number of cafes, bakeries and restaurants that already exist within and around our church buildings.  A Creative Group could be an option whether the focus was on ‘knitting for social justice projects’ or ‘multi creating for social justice together.’  A Chair Yoga Group could also be another option especially when our buildings are converted in Anenska 5.  Maybe an Art Group?   It would be lovely to hear your thoughts on possible projects that we might run on a more regular basis.  
In Faith and with love,